Friday, March 6, 2009

Animation: Breakdowns, Holds, Easy In & Easy Out

This animation is with out the ease ins, ease outs, fast ins & fast outs, etc. You can see their is no sense of weight.

Thumbnails for the "Robot Arm" sequence.
From quicksketcher

Here's the new Robot Arm sequence.
I set it up so the Arm character doesnt take so much time in thinking of what actions he's going to do next, that why my previous sequence is long. I installed an emotion chip on him, so that he's kinda clumsy, that's why he places things diagonally & knocks other cans down. Establishing the characters next actions. In the end, he places the can down bottom flat. He then admires how neatly all the cans are placed.

After reading Victor Navone's "Splinophilla Article", it's really cool how you can control the key's easy in or outs, rather than using the standard preset buttons on shaping the spline/tangents.

Even its a Robotic Arm, I tried as much to give it a line of action to the poses. While staying true to the essence that it is a robot arm made of metallic alloy. Plus with gears, threads, etc. With these in mind, it creates a sense of movement, kinda robotic but with a mind of its own. I need it to loosen up a bit & offset some keys I think. This is still a w.i.p. peace.