Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Bouncing Soccer Ball: part 2

I took the advice of taking & watching a video reference. It really helped alot. It was easy to visualize how the soccer ball bounce, & I noticed that steep path that the ball take. Planning/Thumbnailing/Blocking was easier than before too.

But now, I get the feeling of copying the footage too much. Like rotoscope. How do you use a bouncing ball video reference to exaggerate the bouncing ball animation? When animators take video reference, I see that they act out the scene & they take or sketch out the key poses, then they push the key poses more into their animation. But for a bouncing ball, what do you see, where do you get ideas to make a lively bouncing ball base on the video reference?...I'm thinking too much I guess. I'll just let my imagination do the work after watching the video next time.

I appreciate all your advice & thanks for dropping by. Peace

"Heaven" A wicked video!

Whoah! these stunts are dangerous. Wicked reference!, that's how you end the video!, Kudos to Spike Jonze. I did some quick studies of one of the sequence: Skateboarder griding on an exploding transformer. Thanks for sharing Paul! <- My Class 1 AM Mentor).


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Bouncing Soccer Ball: Early Pass

Posted up my blocking stage of the bouncing soccer ball. Timing is kinda a bit off & there's no weight from the bounce. I'll keep working on the key tangents. Let me know what you think. Thanks for droppin by.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

AnimationMentor Class 1!!!

Stu the rig is amazing. So simple but very powerful rig. I finished posing him winning the lottery, check out the sketches. Just wanna show you all what you guys think. I tried my best to push the Stu rig to get all the shapes flowin or more appealing. If you guys have some insight on how to pose a character, I'm all ears. Peace.

It started with a Theme: "Won a lottery" (typo, hehe f.o.b.), then I started sketching out sequencial poses to show Stu won a scratch ticket. Each poses took no more than a minute. Just to capture that moment quickly.

After thumbnailing, went right to posing Stu in maya.

I added three point lighting here. I still need more practice on how to light a character in a scene.